20 June 2014


Hi everyone!  Its crazy to think that its real summertime at home...i forget all the time because we only get the bad part of summer here. The dead heat in the middle of the day, but no perfect summer nights out in the backyard or anything—just moving quickly to appointments or catching buses around to different member houses. Monsoons will be here soon though and that will change our whole approach to missionary work. It kinda makes talking to people really hard since its just pouring rain the whole day, but i’m excited...i really love monsoon season.

We taught Choi So Weon the word of wisdom this week. She is ready to try giving up coffee, but she couldn’t understand about green tea. Green tea is really big here in Korea...everyone thinks its super healthy and clean and so she might take some convincing on that one....We’re still just waiting for her to be able to come back to church. The problem is that she’s working at a restaurant that her and her husband are going to buy...so if they’re the owners who knows if she’ll always have to work sundays?  We’re working through everything slowly with her though.

We also got to start meeting an 18yr old less active member. She is the daughter of the RS president and doesn’t like coming to church. she wants to practice english though because she’s looking to go to school in California. so we’re meeting her and can hopefully get her back out to church. She’s a member, but feels like an investigator. we’re excited about her.

We picked up an new english investigator too. she is friends with one of the elders investigators and so now we get to meet her and teach her english  and the gospel. her family owns a sushi shop so maybe we’ll get some good food sometime. Sushi is ssooo good here, but its expensive!


Watermelons are finally back for the summer and me and sister gooch have been wanting to buy one for a couple weeks now.  Well friday night, we finally just picked one up on our way home—we were super excited. it barely barely fit into our tiny half-sized fridge though.  So then the next day, we had a lesson with a recent convert. We taught her lesson and she fed us lunch,....then as we’re leaving, she hands us a bag with half a watermelon in it! hahah we had to readjust the fridge to get it to fit in..... Then at church on sunday, the RS pres says that she had been thinking about SENDING US A WATERMELON, but she was worried that it wouldn’t fit into our fridge! hahahah  if only she knew......    THEN>...after eating together with the ward after church... there was a leftover watermelon that didn’t get eaten and one of the ladies tried to send it home with us!!!! hahahah   we just left it at the church in the fridge and so now we’ve got watermelons all over the place just waiting for us to eat them.

pic1:  on a busride.  i’m starting to see now where they grow the rice to feed all these people.  this is like an irrigating river that runs through a valley outside our town.

pic2    these are the rice pats right next to it....

pic 3    some artwork that our recent convert did!

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