29 June 2014


Trav told me last week that i was holding out on all the good details of Korea. And i think in answer to that we had a ton of crazy random funny things happen this week—just so i could tell trav about them.  most of them are small and not necessarily spiritual, but its our life here as missionaries.

First.... The rains are here and Koreans are terrified of the rain (they think it makes your hair fall out...i think i believe them). We were at the church and had to go to our lesson about 15min and it just started dumping rain out of the blue!  We had no umbrellas, but had to go! We just grabbed a piece of cardboard the size of a book and held it right on top of our heads and just went! hahah all the koreans were doing it too because the only part you REALLY have to keep dry is you scalp...   Our lesson went well even though we were soaked. Choi So Weon didn’t really even try to keep the word of wisdom this week because she’s been working so much she needs her coffee, but by sunday, she said she’d thought about it a lot and she’s really going to try this week. We’re praying for her!

Then on Sunday, we were walking around trying to talk to people (sundays are reallllly slow....)  and i see way down the street and there’s this ancient gramma trying to CRAWL across the street.  We got a little closer and saw that she was too old and frail to even walk on her own....so we went over and helped her across the street (haha my first time helpin an old lady across the street)....and plopped her down on the curb where she wanted....and we left. felt really good about helping here,  but the next day we came back to see if she was even still alive haha. and...... 1. she didn’t even remember us, 2. was only 80 but  3. had the health of a 114yr old because she was a smoker....4. just asked us for money to buy cigarettes-----5. apparently she crawled across the street everyday just to buy cigarettes......  there’s an Icheon gramma for you. Honestly though, there was plenty of people that saw us out there just trying to help...Sometimes i feel like thats all we can do. People are busy and distracted and they don’t want to talk about spiritual things, but we have hope that even something as silly as that will somehow make a difference.

The other gramma story was on pday. About the only thing exciting in Icheon is second-hand shopping. We were wandering around and found this wrecked little hole-in-the-wall place....wasn’t even sure if it was a store....but we peek in and see this gramma crawling out of the store towards us.. haha yikes. but she was friendly and we went in. She tried feeding us some of her food—we wisely declined based on the condition of the store—and spent like 30-40 mins there going through her stuff. We found some gems and the whole time she was just sitting on the floor commenting on everything and watching her preacher tv show—at one point she started rummaging around and we couldn’t figure out what she was doing but we look over just in time to see her finish taking a leak in a bucket and then stand up and wash it down the sink. We made sure to wash alll the clothes we had bought twice..... ha.   We did go back during the week just to talk with her about gospel stuff, just see where she stood with that. She’s too old and crazy and set in her ways, but she’s our new friend now. (maybe a little too friendly sometimes hahah)

The ward got a talking to from the branch pres about preparing people for the missionaries to teach. Our branch Pres is super solid, probably my favorite bishop. we work with him the least, but he’s the most awesome i’ve had. These little branches out here just have a hard time keeping it all together. people live really far away, we can’t find most of the member’s houses unless we’re driven there....its hard to find new people to teach because there’s not many people in the town....but we’re finally learning how to adjust.

Things are well, and we’re happy and having a great time together. Sister Gooch has adjusted super well and is so much fun!

PS— we DID eat all the watermelons as of this morning......it was a gooood week. :)


1.   a gramma that we met while we were wandering around in the woods.....

2. me and sister gooch eating food. we’re really good at that.

3. we went wandering down this little street between fields of rice and thats where we met the gramma from pic 1.....there was also wild raspberries growing on the side of the road that we stopped and had.....so good.

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