06 July 2014

You Learn to Love

This week was a hot one!  its just getting geared up here to go into the monsoon season for the next month or so—korea doesn’t have a ton of clear hot days with direct sunlight. Most the hot days are just muggy and humid, the sky all hazy and thick. But this last week was really clean, clear heat. haha it’s nice.

We had a few good adventures out finding less active houses—there’s just the tiny little town of Icheon and then anywhere you go from there is just a mess of country roads winding in and out of the hills and apartment complexes thrown up here and there... its hard to find ppl unless you know where you’re going because the roads here and not organized at all. no straight lines or blocks or gridwork or anything...the just built the roads wherever they wanted out in the country side haha so its kinda fun to go exploring a little. We took a bus the elders told us to to get to this little family...when we got to our stop it wasn’t even far from town...so we made the visit and then walked back to town. ...thats what the second picture is..... we stopped on the way and ate some super good food. i’d been looking for a place that had this dish (and did it well) so that sister gooch could try it...and this place was super good!  way out in the middle of nowhere....

we didn’t get to meet Choi So Weon this week—she’s been in seoul visiting her son .....but she’s still doing fine! We’ve been working a lot with a recent convert. the elders taught her like the month before we got here then baptized her right as we got to the area. so now we’re doing the after baptism lessons with her. She is super awesome. definitely a miracle— She wants to go to BYU-Hawaii too, so we’re helping her with her english.

The branch had a big activity/music conference out at one of the members’ house. it’s a super fancy place just up in between two mountains. it’s like 30mins from town and we rode with the RS pres. the weather was perfect and everything was outside....we had super good food, and some really good musical numbers. You’re all going to bear lake without me, but that was my equivalent of a perfect, summer evening. it was super fun....

Well, not a ton of other exciting stuff....we’re staying fairly busy and having a good time. I’m just doing my best to soak up every minute because i’m starting to get glimpses of what its going to feel like when this is all gone. It makes me sad to even think about it..... a people and country that you learn to love so much and then they make you leave.....

anyways..have a great time at bear lake and eat lots of chocolate cake for me!!!


1)   This is Anh Boran----the recent convert we’ve been working with—she bought us bingsoo....the ice/icecream/fruit dessert they have here. its the best!  i haven’t had it since last summer and boy i’ve missed it :)

2) view from out of town...

3) the branch activity

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