25 January 2014

A Miracle This Week

So we had a big miracle this week!! (Big for us anyways...)    We were making some calls from old contact records ....from like 2008.  And there was one that was just a name and number...and i wasn’t going to call because there was no info on her and sometimes its really awkward when people don’t even remember meeting missionaries... Anyways... i just took and deep breath and dialed. And the lady was SUPER nice and we ended up setting an appointment for the next day with her and her older sister.

  So the cool part is...we go to the address that they gave us, and its this super HUGE skyscraper building and right, right in the heart of Gangnam...(down by the station where the party is everynight...)   So we get there, and we thought she was just meeting us there because its a notable building...but nope. Turns out the older sister owns a dental practice in that building and she lives at the top in like a penthouse apartment. I can’t really describe how fancy this place was...just picture what kind of apt a rich movie star would own in  New York...thats what it was.  So we go in and they have us go into the study room which has all glass walls on three sides. And we walk in and we both are just completely speechless with the view that they have from that room. They’re at the top of the bldg, so the city was way far below but you can see the entire city stretching way out below...we were there at night, so it was all dark and then the streets all red and white lit up by the cars stretching as far as you can see both ways...and the other buildings all lit up at night.

I think its probably one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen in my life.

Anyways...they want to ‘study english’ but both are fluent and are really open to hearing our message. they have good questions.

Ok...the REAL miracle part was at the end...we started telling them about what we do as missionaries and i got to testify to them about a Father in Heaven who really does know them....And even amid all that wealth and the worldliness surrounding us in that city...the spirit came so strongly into the room and by the end they were both teary eyed and really pensive. It was one of the coolest moments of my mission...sitting there at the top of that building with the darkness surrounding us and the city of Seoul glowing bright below us...millions of people and cars and lights everywhere....yet having the chance to tell those two sisters that He knows the individual. Even among those millions down below He knows each one and cares for us if we’ll just look up.   I didn’t get a picture of the view...but we’re going every tuesday night so i’ll try next time.   They are just really great people and we have really high hopes for them.

so this is down at the southern tip of our area looking back into the city.... like 90% of the bldgs you can see are apartments.

This is one of my favorite korean foods. Its 김치전 (kimchi-cheon)....kinda a savory, spicy pancake-like thing.

Cheyenne asked once what kind of view we had out our window. This was this morning...the view right out the study window in the back of the apt.

here it is normal.

Heres my desk this morning....---see if you can find yourself!  if you made it on the wall you’re special!!  :) :)

PS— so for pday we went to ‘Designer Street’ last week..... walked around Prada, Gucci, Dolce and Gabana, LouisVuitton, Valentino, Chanel.....We completely don’t belong there in our little sister missionary clothes, but everyone is nice to us because they think foreigners are rich. haha So we just explored for the afternoon, seeing how the other side lives...(haha the people that can actually afford these things)  

Anyways, it was a really good week! Let me know if there are specific questions i can answer otherwise i’ll just end up talking about the food!!:)

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