17 January 2014

Doing Our Best to Find Again

So the New Year has been pretty boring.... sorry!! Kinda been full of a lot of disappointments, a lot of investigators leaving, dropping or us not being able to contact them... So we’re doing our best to find again. Finding here is alot different than i imagined... I thought we’d walk down little neighborhoods and knock on all the doors like you always hear about. They problem in Seoul (especially gangnam) is that most of the apartments have a security pass to get in... Then if you CAN get in, these people have been having missionaries (from other churches) hassling them for years. So i’ve not seen door-knocking be that effective. 

Me and Sis Chestnut usually just head out on the streets trying to talk to people. Thats harder here in Gangnam too because its a business area.... so everyone is headed somewhere in a hurry... there aren’t benches or parks or nice little bus stops. We usually end up in a subway station because the people down there are waiting on a train or just trying to get out of the wind. 

This is an empty subway station.......which is rare, but i was glad so i could get a picture.  People here are super nice though....a lot of times, i’ll ask someone if the train is going to ...wherever...just to strike up a convo without scaring them. Then they become our little friend and make sure that we get off on the right stop...haha (we play dumb a lot even though we know perfectly well where we’re going....)

This is us eating 만두.(mandoo) ....chinese ‘dumplings’....this is the food that finally gets Panda going in KungFu Panda....He sees these and starts getting all ornery and determined.... thats how i feel around dinnertime too.   

These are them..... (except these are ‘king’ mandoo so they’re extra big...)  They’re kinda big steamed rollsfilled with all sorts of good meat and veggies and kimchi and flavorings.... 

sorry i don’t know how to rotate my pictures.....Me and Sister Chestnut at the temple. Maybe our last one together..... (sorry my socks don’t match...forgot todo laundry^^...) 

This is a view of the North mission from our area...Since Gangnam is right up against the Han River . we walked up to the river to visit a member and this is the view from the neighboring apt building.

Sorry all my pictures are of food.....This is 족발 again.....Pig hocks.... Its super good but a little expensive, so we had it for a fun little pday outing.... 

Today for pday we’re going to ‘ Designer Street’ ....its the famous fashion area in all of Seoul and its 2 blocks from our house.  There’s a HUGE Gucci and Prada and Louis Vuitton store all in one giant building.  We’re gonna go look around and pretend we’re rich.... 

K well, maybe i’ll have some  good stuff next week!   

Sister Washburn

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